Stuck in an exercise slump?

Try Interval Training to revitalize your aerobic workouts. Interval Training will improve your aerobic capacity, the ability of the body to remove oxygen from the air and transfer it through the lungs and blood to the working muscles. You'll raise your anaerobic threshold; the point at which the body can no longer meet its demand for oxygen and anaerobic metabolism is accelerated. Thus, you'll be able to work out harder and longer. You'll burn more calories, thereby improving your physique, plus you'll add more challenge and interest to your workouts - keeping you on the road to fitness.

Simply put, Interval Training means varying the intensity within a workout. The Swedes call this "Fartlek", or speed play. You add intensity in short bouts that you could not sustain throughout the session. If you consistently keep a moderate intensity during your cardiovascular conditioning, your body adapts over time, and you'll find yourself on a plateau. To improve your fitness level, add some intense intervals.

Here are some ways to incorporate Interval Training into your routine. Remember to always warm up thoroughly before trying any of these techniques.

Outdoors, walking: walk for five minutes, then speed walk (or run) for one minute, repeating throughout the workout.
Outdoors or treadmill running: run for five minutes, then run a faster pace or sprint for one minute, repeat.
Treadmill hills: walk five minutes, and then incline for one minute, repeating throughout the workouts.
Stationary Cycling: ride normal five minutes, then increase resistance and speed for one minute, repeating throughout the workout.

As your fitness level improves you can increase duration or intensity of the speed interval and/or decrease the resting interval. The key is to go past your comfort zone, pushing yourself a little further each time. By timing your intervals, you'll get more out of your workout and prevent boredom. So get going, challenge your body and mind, and you'll see the results you want, and a GYMBOSS timer will make it easy! GUARANTEED!!!!!!!

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