Rounds Cardio Strength

Time ANY round time, followed by ANY rest time - 2 seconds to 99 minutes.

Repeat up to 99 rounds.

There are many training programs out there for MMA and Boxing training and the programs you choose is up to you; our timer will support 90% of these programs.

Training for cardio, strength, or strength endurance is demanding and requires 100% of your focus and attention to achieve maximum benefits. Watches, clocks, stopwatches, or other makeshift timers demand too much of the users attention. A Gymboss interval timer will make the timing of any program effortless allowing you to focus entirely on your workout.

The small compact size, loud beep and vibrate alarm will assure you that your workout stays on schedule whether you are in the gym or outside training.

The Gymboss is a single or dual interval timer, countdown timer, and stopwatch.

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